Women’s Ministry

Hello! I’m Lyn, the Women’s Ministry coordinator.
Here at Springwood, the Women’s Ministry or Springwood Sisterhood, aims to encourage, nurture and build confidence in women to live Spirit filled lives that recognise and use the gifts given to them to reach out to and serve others in all that they do.
Women have many different gifting’s and we aim to grow the opportunities for women to build relationships with others within and outside of the immediate church community and to stand beside other congregation members in times when support or encouragement is needed.
Women actively encourage each other through Secret Sisters gift exchange and through specific and general prayer for each other. Meals are often prepared and taken to those who are unwell . The Women of Springwood aim to  know their God, their church and themselves and to grow their capacity to live life and serve others in God like ways and to go out and share their faith and the word of God with others.