re:FORM – A powerful journey of transformation

You are ready to take a deeper step in your discipleship journey. You long for a more impacting experience of Christ within. You want to break-free of your old-ways and walk in freedom, grace and power.  re:FORM takes you on a personal journey off the well-worn path you know. It inspires and equips you to connect with God and do life differently.

re:FOCUS – realigning your quest for purpose and calling

Our dreams for life are often overlaid with meaningless cultural filters. Our vision gets blurred, and we can easily lose sight of what matters or why we even exist.We need help to re:FOCUS. In this book you will rediscover the dignified and significant calling we each have, and where you fit into God’s eternal purpose.

When: weekly meetings on Wednesday nights, Term 1 and Term 3 in 2020
Where: Springwood Church of Christ
Cost: $98 (includes retreat, workbook and book)
Conferences: 13-15 March 2020 and 21-23 August 2020

WHERE:   Springwood Church of Christ
WHEN:   Tuesday nights 6.30-9.00pm  *New participants welcome at any time.

“Celebrate Recovery is a Christ Centred journey, taking the brokenness of our lives and giving God all our pieces and exchanging them for His peace.”