Thank you for volunteering and serving our community at Springwood.

Resources and forms available below including the full Volunteers Handbook:

It is a requirement that volunteers read and agree to the following conditions prior to acceptance and commencement as a volunteer for Springwood Church of Christ.

I have read and understood the information provided to me in the Volunteer Handbook and agree:

  • To carry out only those duties to which I am assigned
  • To be reliable, dependable and punctual in fulfilling the agreed hours and duties
  • To advise the Supervisor if I cannot attend
  • To accept guidance and direction from my supervisor / ministry team leader
  • To participate in minimum mandatory training programs as required
  • To work in a manner that is safe for myself and those around me
  • To report any accident or injury to the Safety Officer / ministry team leader
  • To maintain high standards of presentation and dress in an appropriate manner
  • To treat private, personal and sensitive information as confidential
  • To provide timely and appropriate response to concerns, incidents or suspicion of abuse in line with reporting guidelines
  • Not expect any remuneration, reward or paid employment to eventuate as a result of voluntary activities performed.


As a volunteer, you are required to:

  • Abide by the organisation’s Code of Conduct as stated in the Handbook
  • Uphold the vision and mission of Churches of Christ in QLD and abide by the Safe People, Places and Programs policy and processes
  • Ensure your Blue Card is valid at all times (if working with children)
  • Work within the National Volunteer standards
  • Meet the voluntary duty commitments agreed upon, or to provide adequate notice so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Your Safety Ministry Contact is Leanne Thomson.