Springwood Church of Christ wants to help you put your faith into practice. All believers are welcome to worship at an open communion table and serve together in the life of the Church. Attending Springwood Church of Christ is a decision to affiliate with a local group of believers who are accountable to the authority of the Bible, practicing their faith through their daily routines, using their gifts and talents to serve the community, sharing their resources to do the work of God and reaching out to seekers who do not yet have a personal relationship with God.

Many who identify with our approach and understanding of New Testament faith and practice commit to local fellowship. Local fellowship or practical partnership is a pragmatic commitment to take responsibility for the decision making, appointment of leadership, major financial directions and budgeting in the church. Legally, to elect ministers and elders, own and operate property and conduct programmes, we need a constitution.


(a) Membership of the Church: All born-again believers world-wide are members of the same Church because there is only one.

(b) Membership of the local Fellowship: Persons eligible are those who have publicly confessed faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and, after repentance toward God, have been immersed in water into the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and are endeavouring to live a life of conformity with the commands and teachings of the New Testament.

(c) To become a member of the local Fellowship, an eligible person must have the desire to serve his/her Lord wholeheartedly in and through this Fellowship, and so indicate to the Board of Officers. Persons accepted for membership shall be welcomed into membership by the right Hand of Fellowship. A list of members shall be kept on a roll. The roll shall be reviewed annually. A person’s name shall be removed from the roll if he/she desires it, or if the conditions of membership are not fulfilled in that person’s life.

What does joining our church mean?

If you are a Christian you are automatically part of the Kingdom of God and a member of the body of Christ. In one sense you can’t join His Church, Jesus himself adds you to His universal Body. You are welcome to participate in the life of our Church.

Joining a local fellowship is a decision to partner in promoting the purposes, beliefs, vision and values of the Church. You are taking responsibility for major elections and financial decisions of this local fellowship. Please ask an Elder or ministry team person about being part of the voting assembly and the plurality of wisdom. If this is your conviction too then we’d love to have your involvement in guiding our local congregation.

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