Life Groups

Life Groups


Life Groups occur throughout the week in a wide range of settings. They're an opportunity to connect with likeminded and like-aged people to share life and share faith. A major part of our personal growth and faith journey happens through community and inparticular, small groups.


You don't have to be a member or even part of Springwood Church of Christ to connect into a life group. You're welcome to come along and see if you feel comfortable in the group. Or maybe visit will two or three different groups to find where you fit. Jesus lived most of his ministry years in the context of a small group – a group of people who shared a journey of faith and experience together. So what are life groups all about?

  • Doing life together with fellow believers
  • Growing and learning together
  • Reaching and serving others together
  • Meeting new friends
  • Learning leadership skills and caring for others

Life groups allow you to outwork the five purposes for your life together with others.They are the most effective way to receive (and provide) pastoral care. If you haven't been in a group before, now is a great time to join. You don't need to be a super Christian, just real.

We have various life groups operating throughout the week:


Springwood   9.30am   Women   Lyn Culverhouse

Springwood   7.30pm   Women   Louise Jackson

Springwood   7:30pm   Y/Adults   Jimin Dragut


Kuraby   9.30am   Mixed   Graham Goodhew

Shailer Park   7.30pm   Mixed   John Marshall

Springwood   7:30pm   Y/Adults   Jake Owen

Springwood   7:30pm   Y/Adults   Matt Trivett


Rochedale   7pm   Mixed   Craig Middleton

Springwood   7.30pm   Men   David Kuhl

Springwood   7:30pm   Men   Scott Thomson

Springwood   7.30pm   20's&30's   Phil Thomson

Springwood   7:30pm   Y/Adults   Dan Foster

Springwood   7:30pm   Y/Adults   Luke Wiles


Jimboomba   7.30pm   Mixed   Scott Davis


Email or call the church office on 07 3299 3737 to find out more.


There are also Discipleship Teams operating for the students grade 7-12 prior to Revolution Youth on a Friday night, 6pm - 7.30pm, which includes going for food with their mentor.